All faculty members of the History Department have doctorate degrees and have a passion for teaching. Their broad range of research interests include: Modern China, East Asian, Asian-American, European, Nazi Germany, Middle Eastern, 20th Century African-American, United States, and Women’s history.

Classes are small enough for professors and students to know each other well and to develop individual programs of coursework, field experience, seminars, study abroad, and independent research designed to meet the interests and goals of each student.

The History Club provides leadership and co-curricular opportunities, including its annual History Club Distinguished Lecture Series.

Faculty News

Andrew Witt

Dr. Andrew Witt

Dr. Witt has served on Academic Rank Committee as well as Advisory Board for the Center of Multicultural Education. He was the Department chair as well as serving on the committee to hire a new Associate Academic Dean for Edgewood College. He published a review of Jakobi Williams’ “From the Bullet to the Ballot: The Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party and Racial Coalition Politics in Chicago” in The Journal of American History in the fall of 2013.

Jay Hatheway

Dr. Jay Hatheway

Jay Hatheway, on sabbatical during spring 2013-14, began research for his book about the oil fields during Iran during the reign of the last shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Jinxing Chen and students

Dr. Jinxing Chen

Jinxing was selected as a grantee participant in a Faculty Enhancement Program: Deepening Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts, the “Vietnam: Consensus, Conflict, Contradiction, and Change” Seminar, sponsored by AISANetwork and the Melon Foundation. He spent three weeks in Vietnam from June 16 to July 6, 2013.