Sister Cajetan Spelman History Scholarship

The History Department would like to congratulate the Spring 2013 winner of the Sister Cajetan Spelman Award. Jake Zadra won first prize for his essay titled "The Uncertainty of Werner Heisenberg’s Principles." Jake now works in the Emergency Room at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison and is in the process of applying to medical school. He plans to begin medical school in August of 2014 with intentions of becoming an Emergency Medicine physician.

Amount of Scholarship

$250.00 applied against tuition.


  1. Declared major in History or Broad Fields Social Science with a History concentration.
  2. Junior or senior standing in the year the scholarship is used.
  3. Post-Baccalaureate students are not eligible.
  4. No student can win the award more than once.
  5. Minimum GPA in the major of at least 3.5

Application Process and Deadlines

  1. Submit the following to the chair of the History Department:
    A. A letter of application stating your academic goals and your current GPA, both cumulative and in History.
    B. writing sample, which must be a paper done for a History course.
  2. Applications must be received on or before April 13. Announcement of the award will be made by email and letter.

Selection Committee

The History faculty constitutes the selection committee, which is chaired by the Department chairperson, who is a voting member of the selection committee.

Previous Winners

2012-13: Jake Zadra

2011-12: Casey Knight

2010-11: Jayson Benson

2009-10: First Prize Nicole Ley, Second Prize Matthew Schmid

2008-09: First Prize Mellissa Lemke, Second Prize Matthew Pollock

2007-08: First Prize Nicole Wells, Second Prize Samantha Jordan

2005-06: Stephanie Hinz

2004-05: Tyler Schueffner

2003-04: Aaron Wirth, Stephanie Drescher

2002-03: Eileen Flemming

2001-02: Julene Elmer

2000-01: Marianne Matt, Geoffrey Blake-Horst

1999-2000: Sarah Ludlum